The surety of our heritage is held by the lives that built us

Wood & Leather

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The offering

The living things of the earth have always provided the resourses needed by humanity for exploration, survival, and enrichment. Of these, wood and leather are the true heirloom materials of our existence.

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Ocean pathfinding began 65,000 years ago, when our family of prehistoric humans set out on a major migration to populate Australia, sailing rafts thought to be made of bamboo. This was a tremendous use of nature's utility to accomplish an incredible feat of exploration. From that humble, yet magnificent maritime beginning, vessels made of wood have provided protected passage to all of the oceanic corners of the world.

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A genius invention of salvation for humans 25,000 years ago was the sewing needle, made of bone with an eyelet bored to accommodate thread. At that time, the world was descending into the Last Glacial Maximum, with northern Europe and much of North America encapsulated in ice. The sewing needle enabled separate pieces of fur and leather to be joined, producing mankind’s first tailored clothing. A layered wardrobe gave hairless humans the needed advantage over simple draped fur skins to survive the extreme cold.

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Our souls contain many imprinted legacies - those who have struggled before us, the ingenuity and genius needed for our sustenance and survival, and the life forces that still care and provide for us today. Wood and Leather possess such history, and remain as primary elements of design, structure, durability, and beauty. These materials also seem to generate within us an inherent sense of warmth, belonging, community, and security – perhaps a sense that is a remnant of our prehistory.