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  • Wooden Short Board

    Wooden Short Board

    Reinventing what surfing could be, this western red cedar surf board is a true gem for even the most experienced wave rider. Handcrafted and then encapsulated in fiberglass epoxy it can certainly stand up to the toughest of watery terrains. The design is...

    MSRP: $1,624.23
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    Long Board Wooden Surfboard

    Long Board Wooden Surfboard

    With ultra stylish fins and a sleek, glossy exterior, this surfboard will be difficult to miss when out riding waves or even at rest on the beach. Made of high quality Canadian western red cedar and then finished in a durable fiberglass epoxy, this...

    MSRP: $2,712.85
    Was: $1,862.42
    Now: $1,463.70
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