The grace of the blade inspires the hand

Knives & Bones

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The gift

The oldest hand-held cutting tools, made of stone and dated at 3.3 million years, predates the earliest evidence of humans, and are thought to have been created by our hominid predecessors. Ultimately, this creation was the perfect gift for the bones of the human hand, which makes utilization of all tools very natural, with comfort in using a grip that can be either powerful or moderated for finesse.

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Human Technology

One of the first examples of human applied thinking, beneficial to everyone, occured approximately 120,000 years ago, when a skilled trade was established to make sophisticated bone blades and tools in a multi-step process. Bone was used as a refinement over stone to be able to cut and process soft materials, primarily fur and leather. This brought efficiency and quality to humanity's emerging clothing effort. Similar tools, made of bone, are still used in the leather industry.

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The Cutting Edge

Today, many technologies are enabled by the ability to precisecly cut, showing vitality that is still nourished by primal endowments.