Form is the mastery of function

Art & Treasure

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The fire of human imagination began to be expressed about 35,000 years ago and is thought to be associated with the development of higher order consciousness. A matrix of dreams, emotions, complex symbolic thinking, and spiritual inquiry began to form alternate perceptions beyond the intellectual interpretation of the world.

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Imaginative thinking seeks form for its untouchable reality, to create a record of presence, to become both real and communal – such is art. Skill determines how the intangible world of the artist is replicated in the souls of those who are seized in connection.

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Designing the space where we live includes telling the story of our lives. Personal interpretations of beauty and symbolism reflect our experience, memories, passions, and surety. Vibrant design, then, is best achieved when we begin with the soul. Trends may give direction, but true harmony relies simply on the creation and reinforcement of what pleases us.

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The objects we live with also tells our story.  Significant treasures, the jewelry we wear, and even the symbols we carry in our pockets tell of who we are and what our spirit means.  The special objects we live with are cherished for their relevance to our history, our joys, and simply that which matters to us.