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  • Wooden Kayak Paddle

    Wooden Kayak Paddle

    Moving you effortlessly through the water, this kayak paddle is certainly one-of-a-kind. Created from only the best real wood materials, we offer you simplicity, elegance and a durable product that will last as long as the wooden kayak it propels. Using...

    MSRP: $560.25
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    Wooden Canoe Paddle Set of 2

    Wooden Canoe Paddle Set of 2

    Just as important as the craft in which you set sail, are the paddles that help guide you through the tranquil blue water. These are handcrafted and designed for optimal performance. Each is composed of both red cedar and mahogany and the care taken with...

    MSRP: $447.75
    Was: $350.16
    Now: $249.36
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