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At Kenneth Larson, we appreciate the pursuit of quality design, artistic appeal, and tangible meaning.  We offer our signature furniture, as well as art, décor, outdoor gear, marine supplies, apparel, and objects of interest.  All are of exceptional quality – worthy of becomming personal heirlooms.

We hope to engage your curiosity and excitement.

What Defines Quality?

Quality can be interpreted in many ways. For me, the sense of quality was inherited. My family first became involved in building furniture a hundred years ago, during the 1920s, a time rich with craftsmanship.

But the decades that followed engaged many challenges – the great depression, world war, emerging methods of cheapening the labor and materials involved in building furniture, the ego of the old masters not willing to hand down their “secrets”, and ultimately, economic pressure that reduced the perceived and actual value of furniture.

Through all of this, our commitment to quality endured.

Today, I view quality as multifaceted, comprised of several elements. Certainly, fine craftsmanship, but also graceful design, poetic artistry, and elegant engineering – all woven together with the intangibles of heritage, passion, creative capacity, and pride.

We continually search for these attributes in the merchandise we offer, and find the world still rich with quality.

-Kenneth Larson


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